Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Morning Song

i'm not a morning person. Very much NOT.

My 1st job, after I left my degree course, was a job beyond my wildest dreams..

1 - new department, so everybody is with equal knowledge on the system.

2 - working hours, 1.30pm-11.00pm

3 - Desk job with continuous high speed LAN connection, which of course promised a continous internet connection

4 - Personal ext number with free access to call any parts of the world

5 - Spacious workstation

Life was great and I loved my job!

Anyways, as time went by, promotions came and new functions introduced, I was thrown to the normal working hourse, 8am-5.30pm.
That was when I realized a new thing about me...I am definitely, not a morning person....hey i tried for more than 3 years adjusting myself to the working hours!!

i can't bring myself to get up every morning. OK, i woke up at around 6.30 or 6.45 for the morning prayers, but i can't seem to keep myself from not going back to sleep. It's just that, the humidity..and the moment is too prescious for me to wasted it with a warm or hot bath (or cold esp..) or simply begin the day with any human
So, i pulled my comforter and took a nap..

I usually took around 1/2 hr 2 arrive at the office, just in time for my morning meeting, from the moment i get out of bed. My fastest record was 20mins, and i got a speeding ticket in front of the golf club. bloodyhell..of all days.

i even clocked the time 4 my weekday 1/2 morning routines

1 - get up from bed, take a bath : 10 mins

2 - get dressed : 5 mins3 - run downstairs, oops..forgot my socks, run back up and down, (good excercise in the morning)..check what's good in the kitchen to tapau for bfast (all types or nasik goreng and bihun goreng)..huh, mee goreng? no, thanks..(kembang tekak makan mee), bancuh ribena in my sports bottle, salam my parents (aku abah, akum mak,jida p dulu..byee! i blv, a proper intro in the morning and goodbyes to my parents in the morning guarantees me with a miracle parking space near to the office), grab my shoes, rush to the door, put on my socks and shoes, open n shut the door, start the car engine - warm it up, open the get, get back the in the car and look at the watch see how much time leftall the above steps took around 5 mins.

4 - reverse my car and drive to the mainroad : 3 mins (yes, i calculated many times..)

5 - from mainroad to right in front of office lobby, scan in : 7 mins
Total : 30 mins.

6 - morning meeting

7 - go back downstairs, drive to the parking lot at another building and walk back to the office : 7 mins

Never ever doubt me on this.

Of all the steps above, i can't understand why da heck my bath has to be in 10 mins every morning. I did try to minimize it, many times, bt it jsut has 2b 10 mins..and NO, i do not stop and look at myself in the mirror at anytime within the 10 mins. I guess this is where my morning song comes.
I don't know how it is with other people, but, i noticed that, there is always, always a song playing in my head during that 10 mins.
last 2 days was Ezlynn's bersamamu

yesterday was Here without you

this morning was, Don't phunk with my heart

I noticed that, the 10mins is the time when my mind in a really passive mode and my subconscious mind plays a song every weekday morning. I was subconsciously humming 2 a song..until my conscious mind becomes alive..usually at the 10th or 11th minute.

I haven't noticed this during the weekend tho, i was either asleep until nearly noon and my conscious mind will wake me up.Or.. if there is an activity, i'd be too excited planning and thinking about it from the very 1st minute.

Just like my mom who can't stand an unwashed laundry regardless of any circumstances, i can't stand of letting my mind become idle at any time, even when i'm in the toilet (and the toilet is in a good condition..) I guess that somehow explains my sub-conscious mind and my morning songs..I'd be glad to know if there is anyone else like me.


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Ayu Ikhwani said...

Oittttsss minah.. bile nak update?

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Lorrhh.. I've been visitying this blog everyday in hopes of an update, tapi takde jugak :P

Anyway.. one question: Do you ever face this situation when driving --> Your mind just wants to find the connection of every plate number you see eg. multiple of 3s, prime numbers, first to numbers addup to the next number or whatsoever?

I've been facing this eversince I was a kid coz my father loved to asked me to find ways to connect certain numbers and till now, though I'll be singing on top of my voice, my eys and mind would be searching around for seemingly random but really meningful plate numbers

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