Monday, July 25, 2005

testing...testing..i have just created my 2nd blog..i don't think id like to c'nue with my prev was just trial and error, and i dont think i like the name either.

i dont plan to make this blog as a part of my daily life, but, just, i do have a lot of things, heavy or light, xtreme or mainstream,.. in my head. and rather than pouring them on my frens or siblings, i know sum of them will not be able to accept my point of view, so, i thought, maybe id try this blogging thing.

reading and browsing thru other people's blogs is something ive been doing for the past, umh, 3 say i like reading other people's stories and opinions, and i do respond to some that really caught my attention,but, anyhoo, as im writing this, i do not feel like,me-blogging, as my thing. guess i should just wait and see.

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