Monday, December 26, 2005

Little snow flakes

26 Dec 05, 9.40am

I woke up at 6.30am this morning..but I only got up around 8.30am. I’m suppose to go out to town with my girls colleague, now that they feel like doing some shopping, and well, also as I’m the one who can drive a manual transmission car.. but I do feel like going out, the shops should be opened today.

After I was dressed, lifted the curtain, outside view was unusually..white..white hazy… so I opened the balcony door for some fresh air to fill the room…and to my surprise, there were little snow flakes falling from the sky…

I have seen snow alrite, but I have never actually seen them falling right down from the sky…it was very nice, really..i the cold..i didn’t even have my sweater on…just a thin black long sleeved tee and my jeans…(and earlier I just noticed that I have to use the last hole on my belt..hehe) was cold…and I realized that my toes were beginning to get numb, but I just had to stay there outside on the balcony and look at the little snow flakes falling..

15 minutes out there…I have to get inside, or else I might loose my toes…

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