Sunday, December 25, 2005


Yes, nothing is perfect in this world.. but I don’t usually cling to these words in my daily life..yea, there are some things that ought to be rated as almost perfect..but i'm thinking, in term of relationship, accepting someone in your far do you rate the person in a perfect scale? Or rather, how high is the perfect scale as compared to..lets say..emotional quality (EQ) connection?

Situation : You are in a relationship with a very strong emotional quality level. You’re a woman, and your dominant partner is shorter than you..psychologically, don’t you prefer your dominant partner to be taller..? (so you’d feel more secured..lets say..) If this is the case, would it matter for you to rate your partner in your perfect scale or would you stick to your emotional quality level?

Would you disregard the perfect scale and live with your emotionally quality connection? Would your relationship be a mind altering event in your life and without you realizing it, you forgot the term ‘nothing is perfect’ in almost anything you do, even the little things..?

Flaws and differences between the two are also two of the main criteria in a perfect scale.
Some or rather, many, would say that a part of the ‘thing’ being in a relationship is accepting each other’s flaws and far would you go tolerating on each other’s flaws and/or differences…(you have to tolerate on the things yg pernah jadi pantang larang in your life before this) and then, would you start wondering, having our partner crossing some certain lines, the flaws and differences are actually omens..?

Having said all that in my thoughts, back to.. I don’t usually cling on to ‘nothing is perfect’. I do not always, conscious or sub-consciously rate the things in my life in a perfect scale. (some excuse for certain things such as hand phones or local cars’ : design vs quality). Why does perfection really matter to some people anyways? To me, we’ll end up feeling unsatisfied..or perhaps, incomplete..and that, is not living. So, do you, sub-consciously living your life according to your perfect scale rating?

Just a short thought that came across my mind in a flash..still, question is, in relationship, would you first, refer to your perfection level or check your emotional quality connection? (the ladies in sex and the city..gosh..get a fkn life!)

Well, if someone scores on my perfect scale..that would be a bonus for me..and hey, there are a lot of things about me that aren’t perfect too.

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