Monday, December 26, 2005


4.44pm, 25th Dec 05

Today is my hibernating day. Slept at a round 2am last nite and woke up at 2pm+..12hrs..heh.
There’s a movie on TV, young Lindsay lohan and a black Barbie..i mean, Barbie doll..hmm, I’ve never noticed, there’s no black Barbie doll..maybe I have never noticed it before..well, apprarently, this black Barbie doll made a wish to become human for umh..a week..or three days..i’m not sure.. and now, time’s up and she’s turning into the Barbie doll back.. young Lindsay lohan is so sad…yada yada yada..ok, finally, she’s back to being Barbie doll..and young Lindsay lohan gets to keep it. Urgh…to tell the truth I really x boleh masuk dgn cerita2 disney mcm nie..Btw, the black Barbie doll is named, sexy alien is called Eve too.

A colleague from work said that, starting on 21st December last week was a start of winter..

Me : What??! The winter season only begins today?
Colleague 1 : Yes.
Me : so, the snow starts falling in autumn?
Colleague 1 : Yes, but it will be less snowy. In fact, today, the day time will be the shortest in the year and the night time will be the longest in the year...good time for the longest party of the year, yeah?
Me : Oh really? That is an interesting fact. But, wait, last three weeks, the plant was shut down for operation for a day or two, if I’m not mistaken, due to the heavy snow…so, does this mean, the worst days of ‘winter’ in actually during the end of autumn?
Colleague 1 : well…yea…
Me : will the temperature drop lower than today from now on?
Colleague 1 : well…yea, it could..

Damn. Bring it on!

Colleague 2 : I was in Australia 3 yrs ago, and came back to Austria for Xmas, it was winter, right…and I had a really hard time adjusting my body to the sudden change of know, it was summer in Australia and winter now in Austria…I was sick for a few days..
Me : (huh, this is our 1st winter…it was always between 26C (min) to 33C (max) on the avg back in m’sia…and I’ve been living there for more than 25yrs, man…tell me about it..)

OK, 5pm and it’s dark as usual…I only saw the day light for less than 2 hours today..

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