Monday, January 30, 2006

gloomy day

30th Jan 2006, Monday

woke up to a familiar smell today...something from quite a long time ago..something from home..still trying to recognize where i used to live with that smell while i was in the shower..took me a whole 25mins in there...

kulim has a different smell..austria has a different does time in kelantan was a different did the time in pre-U and U..still, i couldn't recognize where that smell came from..

i feel..sober..maybe coz it's monday..and plus the fact that i'm still having this cold..that should contribute a certain amount of percentage..and plus..i've slept for almost 10hrs..

it's just -4C this morning..but as if the weather is set to my moods..the haze is thick..visible eyesight falls to only 20metres..

great, my colleagues are going to note on this change of moods, they're going to be concern..they're going to be asking..but they know when not to ask any further...the girls have been wonderful..cook me vege porridge..pushed me to see the doc...reminded me on the meds everyday..boiled me chrysantemum tea and barly when i was having this cold over the weekend..concern on what and when i eat..'took' me to this kebab place..said i need some real meat..well, i've been almost a dedicated vegetarian for almost 2months now..the turkey meat is great..almost too much for me or maybe my stomach shrunk..

i've lost 5kilos so far..30 more days to go..still living (not surviving..). this week is going to be pretty fast..we'll be going to regensburg, germany tuesday afternoon for work..coming back on thursday afternoon for friday working day here in villach..and the very nite, to munich, germany for the weekend...both travel by train..6 hours and 5 hours back on late sunday afternoon..another 10hrs of sleep and another new week to kill..

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