Monday, February 27, 2006


Friday, February 10, 2006

i'm shutting down..deep back when i'm awake..


panas...! my ears panas !!!

ashamed, huh..?! fine !!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


the 2km of shopping street

"what, come again..? u're asking me about munich? oh man, i love munich.i love big cities..! europe is fantastic..i will be here again during spring or summer.."

i'm certainly coming back to europe, for vienna, for salzburg, for venice, for trieste, for rome, for paris, for munich, for prague, for milan, for swiss...for timberland outlet sale in Buchenhain, Munich..for the world cup Allianz Arena and the Olympic stadium in Munich..(and for the red light district 'city'...) in the spring or summer for a holiday..

far cry..


OK, 3 more weeks to go and I have started to pack all my stuffs and my bags..three bags altogether..gosh i need to use another shipment or i'll be charged for extra luggage weight at the airport..

checked with HR..lucky me, there's another shencker shipment this 14th feb, i've used the one on the 3rd, one small box...and now, after my trip to germany, i need another shipment!

the thing is, i have shipped most of my clothes...most of my stuffs are sourvenirs and gifts that i wouldnt send via shipment..then how laaa..??

ok, enough of that..back to the main topic...seriously, i cant wait to go home..ok, forget about a lot to do for work here..i am sure me and my partner can figure something out if we bump into any problems with the system etc..

right now, i feel like i'm already back in m'sia..i'm not exactly here..gosh..would you know how that feels like?? (and i have given up with hoping for the temperature to improve, it's been below -10C this week in the morning so far...and it's not like all of us are getting used to it..we somehow really feel like it gets colder..and we can't explain why..and bloody hell...the bedroom temperature is 10C...even the aircond in m'sia offices are not this cold..and bloody f hell..even the refrigerator is 5C warmer..i think i should be sleeping in the fridge then...)

i am waiting for the day when i would, it's one more week to go..!!

i wanna go home..i cant wait to go home..i cant wait to go home..i cant wait to go home..i cant wait to go home..i just can't wait to go home..