Tuesday, April 25, 2006


once, or maybe twice..

mom : get married, settle down..u need a man to protect you

and..i was really tempted to say, oh, a woman needs a man to protect them from other men..
women --> pathetic
men --> what a shame

and my mom just has to accidentally provoke me with this topic...i was up with a cheer mood like every other morning and here comes this topic..and i couldn't control my long face..

"xdak lelaki melayu ka nk p teman satgi depa nk hantaq barang to your house" -- for the 2nd time, she walked from the kitchen to the front door to tell me this..

my mind shouts : mom, half of lelaki melayu, or probably more, i don't know, ragut, rogol, curi, rompak, bunuh, abusive..and god knows what else...oh, sorry, i mean, men..in general..not lelaki melayu alone..i'm sorry, i don't have one..i'll stick with dad, and if he is not there, then i'll stand alone.

and yeah, let's not start with them generally being immature, pushy, ego, and rediculous at times..i don't think i could stand this..and then what, fight, fight, fight!

seriously, marriage is not in my plans..and i am disappointedly agreeing with the fact that a woman needs a man in her life to protect her from other men..

if this is called trauma, yes, i am traumatized with all the 'events' cause by men around me, in the news..the tv..my area..other people's areas...

and men are blessed with 9 akal:1 nafsu compare to 9 nafsu:1 akal for women..
now, who's pathetic?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

i'm excited

i'm excited. should i not be? i am pretty excited..seriously..
gosh, i've spent like more than 10k on the house..just the renovation alone..without any important electrical appliances..thanks to the allowances from the trip..
looking forward to freedom and all the time in the world for my ownself..
away from other people's expectation..
can't wait to live a single serving life, had a good practice back in europe...just being ironic..