Wednesday, November 08, 2006 the office

i really am like a kid being forced to go to school every morning..

nature is catching up with me..i am so not a morning person..


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Not a morning person eyh? Heheh.. I know that.. masa dok blok 3A dulu, p bilik awak awai pagi, konpem bilik tu gelap lagi.. I was always waking you up, huh.. ajak sembang² on weekends :) Can't believe that was, what.. 6-7 years ago?

j1da said...

yeah !! how i missed all those times. gosh..6-7 yrs ago..that long?? i xtau la mcm mana org buleh bgn pagi..i just tak boleh nk 'tanam' that attitude inside me..but bila pikiaq nk request for shift job..nnt x sama mcm org lain pulak..kena la ikut mainstream..