Monday, November 20, 2006

Ayu Ikhwani said...

"Waaaahhhh.. dah ade update! :) Was beginning to think you were gonna abandon your blog dah.. "

hehe..thanks, ayu..i'm suprised you never failed to visit my blog, even up to a point where it looked like, like you said, i was abadoning it.

been busy actually, and busy bee..busy bee..dats me..with work mainly..and i havent got much things on my, actually i do have but the only internet connection i have is in the, once dah ada kat office..sure takdak mood dah..asyik2 ada ja that small email pop up window kat bawah..musti nk kena click jugak..

anyways, i am installing streamyx at home nx month, this time, i will have more time and things to talk about, surely. yalah..dah bayaq mahai2..wajib utilize la, ya tak? ;)

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