Monday, November 20, 2006


a dear friend of mine said, it depends on you. u should be able to tell. even from a simple sms, late at night, "how are you, hope ur hubby is ok (hubby's in a comma)". she ignored the msg. she clearly defined her grey line. he’s so lucky.

--I guess when the connection u hv with ur partner is strong, u know of the things that he won’t like and the things that would make him uncomfortable. They just set a limit of the way I see a relationship should be.

Being in a society, for couples, there are people whom u can be friends with..for the sake of just being friends.
And there are people who use friendship to get close to you. If this happens to you, you will would surely notice. Don’t act dumb coz that would make you guilty of charge. and what should you do..continue being nice and treat him just like any other friends? That would surely makes him comes closer to you, ain’t it?

And you said, you guys are just normal friends, that is what you feel towards the 3rd party, but people know that the 3rd party likes to be close to you..

Or maybe you said, your significant other does not trust you..but infact, you should know, your partner trusts you, it’s just that your sincere act towards ‘friendship’ is giving the other party to steal one or two moments to be close to you, triggering other people’s attention…something ur partner is not comfortable with..something no likey..then, the question is, where is your respect to your partner? Was there a strong connection at all between you two then?

Assuming that the partner knows, but he can’t say anything coz, well, it’s a grey line. he can’t be telling his wifey that he doesn’t like her to have any communication whatsoever with this 3rd person. Wouldn’t that sound controlling?? I think that would make this hubby more uncomfortable doing this..

But when freedom is given, having an insensitive partner, makes you wonder, are you being selfish? Are you wrong? Have you been doing the same thing too? Should you accept their ‘friendship’ and continue sakit hati sorang-sorang when this guy comes close with his subtle gestures..are you being too jealous? But oops, other people see that too. Then, you can’t be wrong!!

Just why can’t his wifey understand that she needs to stay away from things that would make her partner creating chances for another guy to get close to her? Is this too much to ask? It probably is…actually, it probably is..

..nobody said it was easy. one ever said, it would be this hard..
..(I’m going back to the start)

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"..nobody said it was easy. one ever said, it would be this hard..
..(I’m going back to the start)"