Monday, March 26, 2007

My diary for today..

It's been a really full day for me. Just thinking of writing it down..

7.00am - woke up. prayers, bathe, prepared for work.
7.40am - drove out to work
7.55am - arrived. after waiting for 5mins, thank God i managed to get a parking space beside the building
8.05am - arrived at my desk. setup the workstation.refreshed mail.
8.20am - breakfast. one scoop of nasik goreng and another scoop of bihun. i never forget to squeeze some chilli sauce. can never take the taste of the food at the canteen for granted.
9.45am - started working.
12.00pm - lunch. picked up frens in old company.
1.15pm - back at my workstation.
2.45pm - prayers.
3.00pm - back to work.
5.30pm - gym time.
6.45pm - heading home.
7.15pm - arrived home. straight from work, took me about a decent half an hour. the time it needs for me to walk to the other side of the building, change the in house shoes, security check, walk to the car, paused at the guard house to scan out. traffic lights and of course, traffic. there, 7.15pm. take a quick bath. i havent performed the asar prayers yet. oops. my bad.
7.25pm - asar prayers. bertuah betoi. next time kena smayang dulu before p gym. ingat sempat nk balik rumah. tak sangka sampai half hour even tak singgah mana2 dulu.
7.30pm - laundry, one load.
8.00pm - prayers. prepare to go out for dinner.
8.15pm - dinner.
9.05pm - arrive home from dinner. sidai baju. kemas bilik, angkut tilam2 from my room to the room downstairs (the heavy rain flooded half my room including the bed last thursday, so i was sleeping japanese style. tak sempat nk kemas last weekend, had to perform my due diligence balik rumah my parents as soon as possible). haven't got the time to lipat baju yg bertimbun from last weekend's laundry.
9.30pm - prayers.
9.50pm - connecting to the internet. checked my 017, damn, miss-calls from office, couldn't help it, had to check my biz mail. replied one or two emails. write this blog entry. (for some reason,everything is in german. must be the problem in the connection. i bet, i might have to paste this entry and adjust it later, GINA (company line) connection problem.
10.25pm - now. i'm logging off. trying to read a new book i bought last week from borders, one or two chapters. trying to sleep early max, 11.30pm. i haven't had any rests !

i wish..

1. office hours is 9am to 5am
2. i only need 5hrs of sleep everyday. heck, somebody told me mahathir only needed 4hrs of sleep everyday.

God bless my parents, family and you and your family. May God bless the ones in need and in trouble. Maybe God protect us from His fury for we are sinners and often forgetful.

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