Tuesday, March 20, 2007

my personal opinion on..local movies..at this moment

Just watched a short preview on the latest movie..supposedly, movie for awards type..well, i strongly believe that a preview should trigger potential audience..try this one,

an about 15sec scene of a short preview, focusing on this boy tercangak2 on top of a tree, sah2 dok skodeng sorang girl dalam bilik. if i am not mistaken, he could be charged over this, right? sexual harassment? stalker? i don't know.

..can somebody tell me why should i be interested in a movie that potrays a pervert?

as of now, i am so not a potential audience. am i the only one? i wonder.

oh dear local movies, local movies..

ok, first of all, i have to admit, i am one of those people who seems to be complaining but no suggestions. now that i have, let me start with a list of my complains.

First of all, local movies..focusing on malay movies for awards type, they just can't seem to avoid from this one particular scene :: violence on women :: rapes or almost being raped.

here's to name a few movies with a clear potrayal of violence against women;
embun - rape
sepet - almost raped
puntianak harum sundal malam (two times can u believe it! ) - almost raped. ended up the 2nd time the same lady was killed. sampai jadi hantu lah. as if, moral of the story is, see what raping can do to you.

Then, as oppose to government and law enforcer's courage to handle the mat rempit issue (there was a suggestion i read in the news to build roads with a kind of pavement that supposedly will discourage the feeling to speed on them. i wonder if they will use the money from the tax payers. regardless, wouldn't this be a waste of money? anyway, they are, trying to curb this problem), but thanks to this one low and stupid movie, Remp-It, celebrating the rotten life of this group of youngsters. I just don't get it.

Gosh!! At least Tokyo Drift made wearing seatbelts so stylo.

Don't get me started with the quality local cartoons..but just a short comment, i wonder why, tom n jerry or mickey mouse in the 60s are much much smoother that local cartoons in the 21st century? and please, oh please stop with the alih suara. It SUCKXX biGG time !!

and also, harith iskandar.

first there was this stupid 'bendul'. a clear imitation of 'mr bean' and yet he dared not to admit that. (i am not sure if he ever admitted that later, but i will keep in mind that he did not admit it the first time he was asked about this in the newspaper).

second, here's current, 'late night with harith iskandar' or is it how it was called? another clear imitation, of 'late night with david letterman'. i am so fucking sick. i wonder if his homework on this show is watching late night with david letterman and pick up his script, style (definitely, it's happening already) or perhaps, topics. cheap skate.

There i've said it. Now i'm ready for my isya' and hop into bed. Peace.

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