Thursday, October 04, 2007

About the joint prayers - marina mahathir

emailed to my buddies - aku tak jumpak la email yg mana satu ntah pasai joint prayers marina mahathir hari tu nk reply balik today. anyways, having to measure pro and cons of all possible actions to my ownself, as i said to wana, aku tak boleh nk komen anything to that email at that time. but today, here goes..

below is a portion of an article i read at raja petra's blog (his blog is pretty aggressive, and i am just picking up things that suit my mind and judgement), just to share with you guys on his comment about the 'joint prayers' situation, which i pretty much agree.

"Recently, Marina Mahathir organised inter-faith prayers for
Tun soon after he went under the knife. As expected, I received a few phone
calls from extremely upset people who did not approve of inter-faith events such
as these and I told Marina about it. Tun’s well-wishers of the other (non-Islam)
faiths had wanted to offer their prayers for Tun’s well-being. Marina could of
course have given them the ‘normal’ Malay response: your religion is a fake and
not the true religion like Islam so keep your prayers to yourself, we do not
need them. But she did not. In fact, most of those upset about this
‘joint-prayer’ session had exactly that in mind: how could Marina agree to
‘merge’ Muslim prayers with that of non-Muslims when we believe in different

Nevertheless, being the true diplomat that Marina is, instead of
shooting down their religions and sending them off with insults in tow, she
cordially organised an inter-faith prayer session so that those subscribing to
the other faiths could offer their prayers in whichever manner they felt was
their way of reaching God. It was not a joint-prayer session in the manner that
all prayed together. Each faith held separate prayer sessions, one after
another, so it was not a ‘merger’ of faiths as such."

It would be very enlightening if somebody has a different opinion or 'solution' to be shared..we might be doing what we think is best, but everybody is created with different skills, thus different approach to certain issues, and solutions are meant to be discussed and shared. those yg jahil should be brought to the know, dgn cara yg ilmiah, not just pakai hentam mcm aku-lah yg serba bagus style.

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