Sunday, April 20, 2008

Currently, I'm..

..reading 5 books at a time..

1. Honk! If you're Malaysian - Lydia Teh
2. I am Islam - Dina Zaman
3. Dr Mahathir's Selected Letter's to World Leaders - himself
4. Exit To Eden - Anne Rice
5. Law of Attraction - Michael J. Losier

Well, actually, i have just finished book no.1. I strongly recommend this book. Ich liebe es. I like the fact that the writer is able not to keep an idle mind all this time being a full time homemaker. she hardly talked about her kids, but she surely has a lot to share even with us, single ones. I thoroughly enjoyed her stories. looking forward to reading other books from Lydia Teh.

As for the rest of the books, I am in the midst of reading them all. Truth is, I am just being a typical gemini. I am able to get excited about a lot of things, I am restless. I don't have mood swings but my thoughts and moods change a number of times in a day. With having to go to work 8am-5pm (varies between 8am-6pm actually, or 9am-7pm), I feel like there is not enough hours, minutes..for me to do my stuffs in a day. My dad used to give me a plaque with a poem about, 'Taking Your Step One At A Time...tomorrow is another day..' Unfortunately, dad, my thoughts swing so many times in a day, it is hard for me to settle with one thing at a time. I may have to be at work, but my mind wants something else..

Seriously, it's pretty tiring..and as much as how i wished i don't have the need for the love of too much sleeping, that's as much as how much i need my precious sleeping time, but having only 6hrs of sleep on weekdays is costing me dearly on my personal time, my body is retiring at 10pm every night! it's quite hard to focus to what I want passing that curfew. I usually go to bed feeling somewhat unaccomplished. No, no, i will not let prozac slow my mind down. I need something that would keep my body energetic to do all these stuffs. I once heard Mahathir only needed 4 hours of sleep in a day (is that an exaggeration?).

Here's how the books are filling my mood swings..

1. Honk! If you're Malaysian - light and easy. fun. relax. happy. sharing. disturb me and i will share you the stories. bedtime stories.
2. I am Islam - serious. heavy. gets my mind running. definitely not a bedtime storybook. daytime..after breakfast in the morning or after lunch.
3. Dr Mahathir's Selected Letter's to World Leaders - amaze, awe, inspiring, no disturbance please. no worries coz i will only read this book when i am totally alone, so no specific time.
4. Exit To Eden - just to satisfy my curiosity. once in a while, i will need a material that brings me to a new and different encounter.
5. Law of Attraction - this is an extension of a new encounter which i have read before.

Aside from reading alone, I may have the mood to watch a movie on dvd or in the cinema.. window shopping..socializing..spending time with significant people..sports..preparing dinner...darn it, i haven't done the laundry..vacuum the whole house..thanks to my sis for keeping me updated with the latest tunes on the radio. I can't keep up with my own self.

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