Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gol & Gincu

i, criticize malay movies, a lot. i'm sick of the story lines..the extras who can't act..the directors who don't pay attention to small details or even details. or maybe, the directors or actors who just don't have the touch.

but for this movie, just look at the cover on top, that would be enough to make me go see it in the first place. as they say, a picture says a thousand words. tho' ironically, i can't find any exact words by just looking at the picture, but it is definitely different from other movies ads. it's just different and it's kewl. it's simple but it's potraying what the movie is all about, the focus on the leading actress..her character and her quest. the best thing is, it is not selling the faces of the main characters from the movie in the picture-ad. that's the biGGest point to me. it's just meaningfully, simple. catchy. me likey.

'Nuff said about the picture advertisement. now, about the movie..farah has been trying to make me watch the movie since 2005, coz she likes it so much. it took me three years to do so, since well..i just can't buy another malay movie with some young pretty faces on board. but oh, how i was proven wrong. i watched it last few days, and i hardly commented on the movie. it's a light movie, yes..not for award type, so i set my moods accordingly as i do with sex and the city. i love the movie immediately. i caught myself thinking, FINALLY! we have this standard for contemporary local movies. Damn, i'm lovin this. (note : even the extras playing doctors are really acting, imagine the rest!)

So, for the past few days, i've been looking forward to Gol&Gincu the series on 8tv and internet. Just tonight, i watched the last episode online. I felt, man, i will but the original dvd/vcd version of the series. I mean, they have real issues to deal with. No non-sense. and especially, their english tak menyakitkan telinga. i really recommend the movie and the series. It's worth it. They are not just potraying some pretty faces, these kids take their actings seriously and i can buy the expression on their faces and gestures. Superb.

Kudos to Bernard Chauly, all the characters and Rafidah (and the rest) for the stories. It's a good work. I hope we'll be seeing more products and output from these people.

(i don't wish to see the leading couple again in a different movie/series. Better not do this. Jgn jadi mcm cerita hindustan. Buat cerita lain, ambik aktor lain2. just becoz the movie is good, u guys nak sell the same couple in other movies. C'mon, bosan lah. lama2 mual. the actor and actresses pun tak berkembang)

Thanks much to Farah for introducing me to this movie. U know how much i appreciate good stuffs with quality ;)

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