Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And the new hires..

nevertheless, I am still amazed at how, this company managed to hire such courteous people. I mean, people with significant manners...saying thank u with sincerity, hardly raising their voices, placing requests politely. I'm sincerely amazed when I liaised for the first time with one new hire just this afternoon. Low voice, polite and saying thank you in, i can't imagine if he could express any more sincerity in his tone and gestures.

I am not taking this for granted and planning to retire here. But I kinda get to thinking, in God's most gracious ways He grants us with life's pleasures and we often take the life's little pleasures for granted. I forgot to contemplate that despite me, being weak and sinful, if it was not for God's will, His most gracious, that I am currently blessed with these courteous people around me, making my life easier and constantly keeping the faith in me, (despite the Serbian-Bosnian ethnic cleansing and Hindraf) there is still goodness among the different races in this country. Praise the Lord, His most gracious, may we prosper and blessed with harmony.

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