Friday, August 15, 2008

How to be closer to Allah..(and they say..)

Do not spend your life in empty endeavors and your time in idle talk
Find the right friend
Look for a perfect teacher who will lead you on the straight path.
Cleanse your heart
Eat less
Cleanse and beautify your days and nights with worship.

I talk a lot, i crack jokes on other people, i talk bad behind other people, i watch movies, i go to the cinemas, i listen to music, i love mcD and i can eat two burgers at one time, i eat a lot, among all other things that i do - my God, am i do I refrain myself from doing all these things. i can't immediately refrain myself, i'd rebel i might retaliate do i cleanse myself, how do i cleanse my heart, i cant stop talking, i can't stop joking, i cant stop socializing..i can't isolate myself..i treasure my social circles...i can't give them the impression of in my quest to see the light, i kinda want to be alone coz you kinda drag me away from the right, friends are my 'neighbours'...God says, be nice to your neighbours..

So my dearest neighbours,

- Let us start with..
being thankful for having been born as a muslim - as much as it is sometimes hard for us to comply to all the rukun islam, it is actually much harder for a non-muslim to see the light, and kalau rukun islam pun susah, what if we were born as non-muslims? Despite the latest fashion, the mainstream lifestyle..will there be any firm chance that God will throw His light to all of us? Thank God, I am born as a muslim. Will sujud syukur for this, why not, start with after semayang lepas baca doa..when we're alone in our rooms..

- Let us start with.. menghayati kebesaran Tuhan..our full functioning limbs..the legs we use in every smooth step we take, the tongue we use to taste and to speak..the hands and full fingers we have to enable us to type on the carry the answer our lift our water bottle to drink (and many more)..let us be thankful to that..

- then, let us use our brains, just a every hour of everyday that we communicate to each other..we tell stories, we joke around, we laugh, we eat, we socialize, we use our give tongue to talk about other people...let us once, or twice, think of Him, who has grant us with all these, and say his Name, praise the Lord, remember Him.
As we look at our hands and fingers, let at least terdetik in our heart, Thank you, God...for my perfect functioning eyes i use to look at my hands now, to see the road im walking, to see the beautiful men and women and cars and bikes, my legs for me to walk to work, to run to keep me fit, to squat in the hands and fingers to lift pour and lift a glass of water to drink ..and to clean myself..all by myself..Thank you, God.
and the more we savour ourselves in these life's little things...and the rest will come naturally..

-eventually, we spend more time thinking of God's mercy and greatness
-eventually, we say His name and praise Him more often..

we won't need to refrain ourselves from...spending ourselves in empty endeavours and our time in idle will eventually come when we spend more time savouring the things we enjoy in life..
we won't need to refrain ourselves from eating too much..

the cleanse and beautify process, everything that is good, eventually take place..from the moment we be savour the fact of being thankful to be born as a muslim.

Strictly from my point of view on one of the ways to be closer to Allah.

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