Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Turnover rate

There is quite a high turnover rate here in the current company I'm working in. They usually say that it is a phase (much like a trend) where people resigned here and there around you. But in this company, particularly, the trend has been going on since January (that i can remember of) until 8 months going 9. So many management folks leaving, their ratio is as significant as the number of engineers who left. So is it a trend? I think I would say, it is usually a trend, but not in this company, it's not.

Reason being, from my point of view, the people we hire, from engineers to the management, are still young, and yet, they were already involved in such a big project setting up a new company, multiple projects in their tasks list, holding high and important position so...tak payah goreng pun time interview, other companies are more than willing to pay up these people's bonds and offer them a job, with much better pay and higher positions, leaving the older management folks who have decided to settle down and retire in this company. These young guns are like pisang goreng panas. Experience does matter, literally, either way.

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