Monday, September 01, 2008

My sis's new NoteBook

Snippet : It was a long weekend and we had a little family gathering. My bro and sis came back, man, was I excited. Distance makes the hearts grow fonder.

We were surveying for a new laptop for my sis. Apparently, my good ol' pc wasn't working properly. I realized a little too late that the old building of the dorm needed a voltage regulator for electronic devices, so currently, the pc's ps/2 and usb ports are not functioning. I detest to think of how else the pc is affected. I will check on it, one day, sometime this week.

Anyways, three of us, me+my bro and my sis went off for a day of outing to buy a new laptop. Prior to that my bro and I made a courtesy visit to the local pc fair last two weeks, so I managed to survey and collect flyers and brochures, thus, 2 weeks to browse and identify some power vs value for a typical engineering undergrad student usage.

I am a sceptical pc user. It has to be a pentium. and a pentium core 2 duo in fact. I am all about multi tasking, I open multiple applications at the same time and I expect things to keep up with me, not the other way around. After reading various sites of operating systems performance versus each other (that is pentium models vs amd models), tho the comparison might come to a head to head challenge, I've chosen pentium over the multi tasking ability it has.

So here's the full spec:

Lenovo IdeaPad Y410-T5750 Notebook
Intel® Core®2 Duo processor T5750 (2.0GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 Cache)
14.1" WideScreen WXGA with VibrantView
OS = DOS. Upgrade to Windows Vista Premium
Memory = 1024MB upgrade to 2048MB.
HDD = 160GB SATA HDD (5400rpm) upgrade to 250GB SATA HDD
Dual Layer Multiburner Drive (DVD-RW)
Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
10/100 LAN
Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945 ABG, Bluetooth
1.3mp Integrated Camera
Warranty = Customer Carry In - 1 Year Parts & Labour
HP all in one printer = RM215
Kapersky AntiVirus = RM80 / 3 registrations.
All in all, RM3215.

So far so good.

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