Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I find no excitement with this job anymore.

Some are obsessed with promotion. They can never be satisfied with whom ever that got promoted. Even when they have already been promoted on the same year. Sometimes, they acted as if they have just closed a million Euro saving project successfully but overlooked for promotion.
Their standard greeting to you, "So how?", with a cynical smile on their face.
Standard greeting only goes to those who are not promoted.

"So how?"
"So how?"
"So how?"

Misscommunication between my boss and his boss and we ended up thinking (and believing) we were in the wrong boat. While a sister-department opens up an opportunity for the employees to reach up to a Staff Engineer level (with an extra of rm400 petrol allowance compare to lower engineer levels among other benefits), our pity little department graduates at a one level below. How sad.
About the misscomm, well, we kinda wrote the fact under the lowlight portion in our weekly meeting and a follow up meeting on this topic alone was set, this time with Mr Director. While Mr Director mentioned that it is possible to reach the higher level, Mr Boss gentlemanly apologized for delivering a wrong information. They insisted that it was a misscomm between us.
Being in a company which delivers microchips for high end european cars where zero defect is highly promoted, I couldn't help wondering in the meeting room, how did the misscomm start? They're both german, they speak the same language. Unless if..unless if what?? I can't imagine. And I wasn't the only one.

There is this funny thing, my first sneezes of the day, usually starts as soon as I am facing my workstation. This fact is agreed by the person sitting beside me. I can chat, I can have a discussion, breakfast at the canteen, but the first sneezes will be at my workstation in my cubicle. Not that hard to guess what exactly I'm allergic at..

And then there is this demotivating work related task from colleagues - cost centre change. Very, very demotivating.

The pay is credited into our account on the very last day of the month. If there are 35days in a month, then you'll get paid on the 35th.

We have changed, like, 4 bosses in 3 years' time. Obvious that we are in a wrong boat. Even the bosses jumped ship. The thing is, each boss seem to find the best time for their departure, they left a month before employees appraisal. Leaving a clueless (or still learning) new boss to 'fight' for your promotion at the round table. We're always at a disadvantage side.

The parking lot. Oh the parking lot....I don't mind walking from my car parking space, passing by building 1, make an entrance in building 2 and reach my destination workstation back in building 1 in a span of 15 minutes everyday. Good exercise. What I really mind is, the 50 metre 45 degrees hill climb everyday from the parking space to reach the point where you pass building 1. What is the deal with that? What's with the hill climb obstacle? We're going to work. It should be motivating in many ways all the way. But no, give them a hill to climb.

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