Monday, October 20, 2008

I saw a primary school girl walking home in the rain yesterday. Heavy school bag on her back. No umbrella. Drenched wet. I could see water splashed from her shoes as she fasten her pace. I passed by her in my car, she took a glimpse at me.

Today I'm thinking, her books must have drenched wet too. Did she manage to dry them for school today? What about homework? What about her notes. Dissolved? Hope she did not catch any fever. Would it make any difference if I offered her a lift? She'd still be wet. Her books were already wet. She had walked at least for 20minutes, and it had been raining for half an hour, I'm pretty sure, if it is written that she'll be catching cold she would have had enough reason and sufficient cause already. But on the other hand, this could be a matter of difference in morale. She might have had a different point of view. There is still good in people. And there is still hope for a better world. She could be praying for my well being. Still young, less sins. I can imagine her prayers reaching God much quicker than mine.

....welcome to a journey into my complicated mind.

I remember when I was at her age. Cycling to school. It was dark and heavy clouds dawned on us as it started to rain heavily in the middle of the 10minutes journey. We paused under a tree tho we know, it was not of much help we'd be soaked anyway. An unknown high school student, cared to stop between us and shared her umbrella with us. Stayed with us for 5 minutes until the rain paused, bid goodbye and continue walking to school. I was damn sure she was late for school. For some reason, both of us did not dare to turn and look at the owner of the umbrella. But I have always prayed for the best to come her way up to this day, with some little regret for not making the effort to just turn and see her face. I can't even remember if we ever said thank you. Now she remains like an angel who protected me from the rain on that very day on my way to school.

I saw a guy with one leg yesterday. Probably in his 30s, or late. I saw a girl of 5 years old walking around the Memory Lane gifts shop. There was excitement in her face. The guy was entertaining her actions. He realized his movements was limited within the cramped space of the shop and a number of other customers inside, so he slowly retreat to stand outside the shop with his crutch while watching the little girl trying to make her pick. He noticed I was looking at their actions. I noticed his face in a split second. I noticed hardship, I noticed emotions. She was probably his daughter. He was probably asking her to choose something for her birthday. He was also probably paying from his hard earned money. What does he do for a living? I wonder if it makes any difference if I had a few hundred bucks extra to give. Truth is, will it ever be a few hundred bucks extra to give? I, for instance, can usually close one eye and spend on movie tickets.

I feel bad. Remorse.

Today, I keep my faith strong. Turn to God and believe in Him and His just in understanding difficult situation.

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