Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Penang Bridge Marathon in town


We're really looking forward to this event. It was scheduled in June this year, cancelled, then reschedule to this coming Nov 16th. We're going to join the fun run event again this year. No, I don't think I am fit enough to seriously run in the 10km event. Maybe next year..(same comment as last year)

Maziz, "Kak Ina dah imagine Jida menang lucky draw Proton Saga."

Well, I haven't been that lucky during lucky draw sessions all my life until I started working.

2004 - Water filter lucky draw at Dept dinner
2004 - Stand fan lucky draw at Company dinner
("Zamri : Menang lagi?! Betuah betul budak nie." Nada ala2 frustrated.)
2007 - 2day/1nite stay + lunch at Vistana Hotel, Penang lucky draw at Penang Bridge marathon event. (I was damn tired, took off my shoes, just 3 minutes sittin down, they called up my number. Grabbed my shoes and ran to the stage!)

Mom," Kalau menang leh juai keta tu kat siti."
Me, "mana leh. siti beli sendiri la. I want to sell the car and take us all for a trip to Europe."

Plus, I don't think my sis would want to drive a car same as her fav aunt's - MakYan !

Anyways, I have started to climb the 4 flights of stairs to my office in the morning from today onwards. (Not that bad, I could still breathe.) Walking to and fro the parking space to my workstation takes about 30minutes per return trip. Plus lunch time, that's 1 hour of walking everyday. Ok lah! This time I wanna reach the point where they gave out the flourescent bangles. Yay !

Get my N95 charged for some clear and nice pictures on the bridge.

When was the last time you took a picture on the notorious Penang Bridge?

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