Thursday, October 16, 2008


What is with women and their pms-es??? !

I mean, I pity guys around the world, for having to put up with this nonsense. I mean, it's pure baseless. Imagine yourself if your usual mood, suddenly someone, (i assume someone u know, of course) reacts to you with a tantrum like you have suddenly stepped on her shoes. wtf??

No, no, pms-ing is not a bloody excuse. No, seriously, i read somewhere, is it fair to excuse yourself out for blaming on your screwed up childhood in a case where you demand too much attention from your friends up to a point where you annoy them? That's one example. It may not be as bad as blaming it on your sanity for committing a series of murder, but excusing your unpleasant response or attitude on pms-es is just outragious. No wonder there are gay men everywhere. Women are too complicated, being emotionally demanding and unstable. If you linger around these pms prone people you'd end up getting your own moods upside down. Well not for me. It's purely ridiculous.

By the way, I'm a gemini.

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