Friday, December 05, 2008

Msc? BA?

I'm spending the whole afternoon trying to figure out which field of study to pursue. Or rather...which should I pursue.

There's USM Solid state physics MSc. Related to the nature of the company I'm working in now. Browsed the schedule, seems to be sounds-ok-not-so-bad but I'm still not sure if it's gonna be fun.

There's the OUM Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, which is of my interest.

I was an engineering graduate and psychology? What - why - why -what?? (people will be like, whatintheworld? Why this course? again when they're still not able to absorb it, why psychology, again? and finally, what are u gonna do with it??)

Sigh !

In my other state of mind, this is really similar to choosing between a motorbike or a scooter. KTM 690SM or YAMAHA T-MAX. The scooter is (damn) kool but it's still a scooter.


tsk ! (Heh. Some wishful thinking!)

And solid state physics sounds bombastic and so mr-fantastic but psychology is a study of change and behaviour with all the examples around you and in fact you get the better understanding of your surrounding.

Sigh, I wasn't this indecisive some 10 years ago.

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