Friday, January 23, 2009

Introducing....bubbles !

I've always longed for, crazy about, almost to die for, having a pet cat. I spent a few months considering either a female or male cat that would cause me less hassle.

  • male cats more affectionate than female cats.
  • male cats have more beautiful fur than female cats (this is always the case with animals)
  • male cats urinate everywhere! i don't fancy having that smell on my house, my clothes and everything. No, kasi is not and option. Berdosa lah. Sin.
  • female cats means more kittens before i know it.

Definitely i am looking for a persian, not the one with the smack in the face. My experience with them is, they're brilliant. They amuse you. Witty, smart. I'm crazy about them.

Of course there is the 'keeping with the cleanliness' issue. Their furs, their smell, poos, pees and everything...

I was indecisive for half a year.

Until, last 3 weekends. I have never been so sure. I was looking for cats/kittens high and low, in kulim, in penang, in Butterworth. Apparently, there was a 'shortage' of kittens/cats of my preference supply almost everywhere. The ones available are of some special breeds that cost from 800Rm-1500Rm per sekor. Now that is too much. Couldn't find any suitable kitty for me. I went to work on Monday feeling frustrated.

So, I was on 'mc-leave' on Tuesday. Noon came, lifted my ass for lunch with the girls. After that, went straight to Proton service centre to register for 3rd rear seatbelt. Stopped by at Nissan to check on Latio Sport's quotation. Too expensive, 10% downpayment is still a 1000Rm monthly instalments. Crazy. My house in 1000Rm/mth!

Then I went straight to the pet shop in Tmn Selasih, utk sekian kalinya. Auntie was there, she was not around for the whole weekend when I was there. She's quite a talker and she's been patient with me and my taste. Of couse, customer..

So she was suggesting this kitty, tho not the size of a kitty anymore, but she's just 7 months old. I've seen her last month in Dec, thought it was a male cat. Well built, soft beautiful wavy shades of orange fur. Held her in my arms and fell for her instantly. She fits the criteria, tho 2 months older.

Immediately arranged for payments and other necessary items deemed as 'free' gifts.
Within minutes, there we were, in my car with my kitty in the backseat in her cage, meowing all the way to my house.

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