Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are both nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress in a leading role for the 81st Annual Academy Awards. How kewl is that.

In fact, both movies are co-nominated in 2 other categories,
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Cinematography

Not to mention, the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is nominated in 13 out of 18 related categories including best actor and best film, after taking out the unrelated ones such as animation, short stories, foreign language film and the likes categories.

I have watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button on dvd some few weeks ago. Personally, I like the movie. Not sure if I loved it, but I like it that's for sure. Based on a short story, it's a story of someone who was born an old man and aged backwards. It may not make sense but what I like about it is, it tries to rationalize the 'what if' factor into our normal lives. What if, someone was really aging backwards and how does he adapt in our normal lives. That is basically what the story is all about, and the people he met and the different generations in his life. Now, I can finally say that I love the movie.

I am still finding the right time to watch The Changeling. Currently in cinemas. Sort of a thriller and I think I'm going to enjoy it very well.

I'm really glad that there are such good movies for the mind now that winter is ending.

Now, is anyone finally getting tired of this next door loser?

Personally, she's just another high school bimbo whom I'd just wish never to be my neighbour.

Trying to come up with attention every now and then. Appearing in Oprah every now and then. Break up and make up with John Meyer (yang tak best tera mana pun) every now and then. Lashing cheap remarks on her ex and his partner and family every now and then making headlines on entertainment magazines.

Just what is she trying to justify from her loser life? The magazines only wrote about she losing weight, her new hairstyle, non box-office movies which I found very lame, on and off relationships and those lashing remarks but I revolted to the idea of buying any of those magazines with her story on the main page or cheap pirated dvds of Friends. I mean, yellow?! A blind man reading a brailled magazine can see that this woman just needs to lay off, accept the fact that she trying too hard to be a somebody and meditate!

Heck, Anne Hathaway is much, much, much more hot and interesting. Started off as the ugly geek in The Princess Diaries and transformed in a no non-sense way to a hot supermodel look in The Devil Wears Prada. She gets the good roles now. Opposite Kate Hudson, the leading lady in romantic comedies.

And what movies this Jennifer Aniston is categorized in? I bet, mati hidup semula pon, the lame Jennifer Aniston will never potray Hathaway's character in The Princess Diaries. The more I see it, Aniston is really like the plain lame 'it' girl, Kelly, from Beverly Hills 90210. Living the the shadows of the sitcom and her famous ex. What else can she offer I wonder.

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