Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sungguh la memalukan (Dear Muslim brothers and sisters)

Much ado about, "As far as we are concerned, we are the legitimate government elected by the people, so we will continue with our duties" - Nizar, Perak ex-Menteri Besar.

Seriously, Anwar started the whole lompat party scenario. He even 'kencing rakyat' esp his supporters by assuring that PKR would take over the goverment when he already has a list of MPs who confirmed lompat parti from BN to PKR on 16th September 2008. Well, it DID NOT happen. Nobody lompat parti.

Seriously, knowing how vengeful this guy is for the Prime Minister's seat, if he had had the list in his hands then, I mean for real, he would have already stormed into the Prime Minister's office and tell him to get out himself.
By then, do you actually think that they would entertain BN for a re-election?

Now, when there is really his own people lompat from his own party to BN, why PKR is forcing for a re-election? Apa yang haram lagi, Nizar? Kalau mai part hampa, semua la halal. Hampa sogok suruh org lompat p parti hampa, halal lah? Hampa, kencing rakyat kata nk topple goverment tu halal lah. Hampa dah tak cukup kerusi nak form goverment, apa yang halal and apa yang haram lagi? Accept it like a professional if the word, gentleman is foreign to you. People want to move forward. Another election ruckus is not worth the penny and time.

Adakah Sultan Azlan Shah bertindak di luar keputusan rakyat? Obviously, by law, party yang ada paling byk kerusi will form goverment. Now, BN ada lagi banyak kerusi, thanks to PKR sendiri sebab depa takmau setuju nak luluskan undang-undang larangan lompat parti now padan muka depa. So PKR, hampa dok 'kencing rakyat' apa lagi? Kalau you guys accept this professionally pun orang lain boleh respect jugak lagi. Ini, seperti biasa, riot. riot. riot. riot. So sick.

I foresee, sooner of later, people akan meluat dengan riots. Mula2 cam gah lah. Lepas tu, membosankan. Tak ke mana. Nak proceed with daily life business pun kacau.
Riots = kekacauan. It is by right, no fun.

Recently, Karpal blamed Anwar for 'budaya lompat parti'. In fact, Anwar and PKR members were against passing the bill on restricting jumping party. Because, they wanted to play dirty. Play dirty monies buying BN MPs into their party. No integrity. huh. Now Karpal is passing remarks on Anwar not fitting to lead their coalition party anymore.

Dear muslim brothers and sisters. Do you not foresee that DAP will take over their coalition party, if ever they head the goverment?

Dear muslim brothers and sisters. Terang-terang DAP mencabar kedaulatan Raja-raja Melayu dan agama Islam (Hudud Issue). Terang-terang. Do you not foresee once they form goverment, they will work their way on creating a 'New' Seculared Malaysia? Islam bukan lagi agama rasmi. Raja-raja Melayu masih ketua Agama Islam but kuasa dikurangkan, mungkin not playing any roles whatsoever in deciding what's best for the rakyat. This is, 'Malayan Union'. Go back and read your history book on this topic and you will realize how much our ancestors fought against Malayan Union. The Malayan Union and its impact.

Dear muslim brothers and sisters. It is, a dilemma afterall. Yes, UMNO corrupt. Yes, UMNO rasuah. Perangai ahli-ahli UMNO memalukan. But bukan semua ahli-ahli UMNO begitu. It is, our duty to make a change. It is our duty to push for these righteous clean leaders to go up in UMNO.

Memang susah untuk menyokong BN sepenuh dan seikhlas hati. Tapi, walau apa pun yang berlaku, agama, bangsa dan negara mesti dijaga.

Better berperang utk naikkan righteous leader dlm UMNO rather than berperang untuk naikkan musuh2 agama dan bangsa.

BN did not earn that much respect to be elected to run the country.

And DAP disrespects agama Islam, mencabar kedaulatan Sultan dan Raja-raja Melayu.

It is a matter of chosing who is causing us less damage.

I chose, the one that governs agama Islam and kedaulatan Raja-raja Melayu. I chose to fight to clean UMNO by not sacrificing my religion and my rulers.

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