Thursday, March 19, 2009

Facebook - what does your birthday say about you?

Now this is my result.

Thinks far with vision. (If irony, yes, I can agree. A string of correlated events of the past, present and future is very active in my mind. Very.)

Easily influenced by kindness. (Oh yes, indeed. I am sticking to my current job now, despite the dumb hill climbing, very much with regards to the polite multiracial colleagues around me. I feel like I'm owed to their politeness. No, no. No salesmen.)

Polite and soft-spoken. (Now this really depends on the occasion. I curse, occasionally)

Having lots of ideas. (Most of which involve the usage of's kinda tricky situation now that we are in recession and hibernation)

Sensitive. (in a non-emotional way. Changes, anomalies, coincidences, yes.)

Active mind. (Indeffinitely)

Hesitating, tends to delay. (On the things that as of no interest whatsoever to me.)

Choosy and always wants the best. (Always? naaah...I believe in God's will. but highly likely all the time, yes.)

Temperamental. (Occasionally. Or rather, I'm meditating. If I may, I quote AR Rahman at the Oscar, "Everyday i have the option to hate or to love. I choose to love" and he did won the most Oscars, didn't he?)

Funny and humorous. (Laughter's the best medicine. Makes us look younger. Boosts good hormones. In fact, I'm loving my laughing lines. They look so good on Hugh Jackman, yes? Hee~)

Loves to joke. (Like, crazy about it.)

Good debating skills. (On things of my interest)

Talkative. (Can be. Hope I am not annoying. I may tend to cut into somebody's conversation to get my instant message out of my active mind heard. Oh, be-have! That's bad habit)

Daydreamer. (I'd rather opt a politically correct term, Imaginative)

Friendly. Knows how to make friends. (Yes. I am blessed with middle class looks so I can easily strike a conversation with any females and males from "lower lot" or upper class looks. In short, if you're too pretty, the guys would usually "harass" you. Insincere. The other guys would usik2 the both of you, which may lead to both of you not talking to each other again. Yea, no, I don't have this problem)

Abiding. (shoot. Does this make me sound less cool? While it can be thrilling to go against the rules but most of the time it is just not worth the adrenaline to have to deal with the authorities after that. Unless if it's your parents then it's worth it to be notty once in a while. )

Able to show character. (I believe I do. I'm liking, I'm lovin, I despise, I'm revolted, stay away from not necessarily have to be verbal)

Easily hurt. (Now this is a defense mechanism. It sets foes from friends. Whom to be friend with and whom should stay away from)

Prone to getting colds. (Once upon a time...blame it on my sinusitis)

Loves to dress up. (Tsk. Most of the time, usually, mostly, only in my mind. I'm too kool for this)

Easily bored. (Absolutely. Most of the time.)

Fussy. (Nopes. I don't recall me being fussy. Oh wait, I think there are closed ones who couldn't stand shopping with my choice of material for my veil. Orang dah tak guna dah kain2 bawai nombot 3 neh!)

Seldom shows emotions. (Except anger, amusement or disgust? Yeah)

Takes time to recover when hurt. (A longgg longgg time, baby. Forgiven but not forgotten)

Brand conscious. (It's a curse)

Executive. (What does this exactly mean I wonder)

Stubborn. (Occasionally. Highly unlikely)

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