Friday, March 27, 2009

With response to my sis's post on "miss those moments" entry in her blog, hmm...what do i have that i'd miss i wonder.. i guess, not a thing at the moment.

ya, there are things that i personally enjoy, for instance, having our cousins at home recently for the feast, it kinda strike a chord when they left all the the same time (i love the more the merrier situation). the times that i enjoy with my friends. the ladies nights. the lunch hours. but i hardly dwell too much. it's just something nice at a moment and then it's gone. i hate the fact that nothing is forever. everyone will eventually die, let alone every-thing. people leave you. betray you. your loved ones will leave you. betray you. your sweet times will end. in the end, it is only you, and God. 'Coz only God stays.

some people would rather love and lost, than not love at all. And i personally do no enjoy lost. besides, i have not experienced much love acts in my entire life, so the least to happen is me missing or loving this and those moments from way back when..

i've had two siblings when i was as young as 4yrs, my r/ship with mom and dad, as i would describe is more to an obligation they have towards me than love. not that i'm complaining, but i can't recall the last time i see any loving acts from them towards me. it'd be too weird to have seen one now. but nevertheless, I have always appreciated the effort and sacrifice they put in raising and bringing me up to be who I am today.

money is one thing. i am certainly never going to get used to having my parents handed me monies. they have, however, even when i am working now but i would spend it back on them in the end..or on my other siblings. dad would make it a certain thing to calculate the amount that i owe them down to the very last cent. seriously, this was never a case with any of their other children. it's my pride to pay up my dues down to the very last cent too. heck, i think they are somewhat bitter with the amount of money i have spent when i was in boarding school. money must have been very tight at that time around and i admit i was a big spender there..mostly on food. well, i blame me for not having a good sense of what exactly is money all about. i am in fact very much bitter with my own ignorance with money sense at that time.

Love someone and you'll eventually get hurt. love your things and you're a slave to those things. i guess, when u love and never expect anything in return, then you won't get hurt. love, unconditionally. Is that possible? Will you become somebody's fool by doing so? Somehow, love is never overrated. love can change the world. love makes the world go round. all religions in the world teach us to love. love thou parents, respect thou neighbours.

taking in bubbles is a bloody big step for me, knowing that a cat's average lifespan is just 16 years.

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