Thursday, April 09, 2009

Non biological proof that we are related.

One day, I received an sms from my sis, siti, some 3 years ago, it sounded like this,
wow! i was in three states in two days! Perlis, Kedah and today, Penang! shh...jangan gitau mak ngn abah !!

And then, the next day....I received an sms from my brother, zali, who had just finished his final year and out on a fun day out with friends..and it sounded like this,
chaq, Ali p main bowling, first time baling, STRIKE !! jangan gtau mak ngan abah tau !


Let me explain. My parents, especially my dad, are control freak easily paranoid. We've heard of snatch thieves, raped and murder rampant on the news everywhere on tv, radio, papers, neighbours and friends, well, being paranoid as they are, the best solution is to not go out, at all. It is always the best solution if you were to stay at home. Avoid coming home after dark. Avoid shopping complexes anytime possible. So on and so forth. To make matters worse, add our natural disaster into the risk factor, road accidents. The less frequent you are on the road, the lesser the risk of road accident upon you. Simple as that. And to be more complicated, the less night driving, less risk of road accident, raped, robbed and murder risk on you.

So, now we get the idea of my parents not liking us spending too much time berjimba-jimba travelling especially sampai terlupa time and balik in any time greater than 7.30pm.

That should explain the text messages that I received from my beloved bro and sis. I am glad that they chose me to share their fun moments. Do continue. One of the best things in life.

Shared the above messages with Zali, he replied..
that's one non biological proof that we are related.

Good one, bro. You are always the one with the interesting insights.

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