Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Now we know why we have so many assholes around.

I was in Queensbay mall one fine weekend with a friend. We were walking towards the keropok lekor (fried fish snack) stall at the food court. In front of us were two ladies buying their keropok lekor. While we were queuing in line, all of a sudden an ignorant 8 year old boy cut the line and immediately ordered a bag of 2 ringgit keropok lekor. Behind him, rather 30cm beside us, stood his fat father, with a sheepish smile handing the boy an RM2.

We really couldn't help but openly spoke of this behaviour between me and my friend. Disgusting.

When the lady attending the stall was finally done with the two makciks in front of us, the boy, again, ordered for his pack.

Much to our surprise, the lady attending the stall, nicely told the little boy that she will be serving us first instead of him.

And the boy was, "Huh??"

The lady patiently smiled and explained that we were here in line before him.

Oh what a sweet revenge !

We immediately, loudly responded with, "Oh, terima kasih. Terima kasih banyak-banyak.".
"ya, ya, terima kasih, kak."

And guess what that fat-pig of father said to his son?

In his central-accent, "Adik tak beratur tadi. "
Stupid boy responded retardedly, "Huh?"
Fat-pig repeated, "Adik tak beratur tadi."

What kind of a sick, morally retarded father, would encourage his child to go above a social ethics such as, be courteous by getting in line and wait for your turn, especially when everybody else happens to be in some form of line.

And especially, what kind of sick bastard of a father, who would publicly blatantly shamelessly point out his son's erroneous act, right after the son himself are caught right handed by other people, when he, the father himself was openly encouraging the son to perform the erroneous act in front of those people who caught him??

I know, a fucked up kind of father.

Not only that we shook our heads in disbelief and disgust, I actually clapped my hand as I walked away from the stall. Clearly appalled.

There is a high chance that the boy obeyed the line up rule in school. But when he is at home, the person he is supposed to look up to, was clearly encouraging him to ignore these rules. So SICK ! I suppose the case would multiply should the man have more than one child to nurture his bad thinking and behaviours.

No wonder why the community is constantly infested with these vomits.

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