Wednesday, April 01, 2009

UMNO polls hu-ha

I am sickened with the result of Pemuda UMNO result. Sickened with the person they hail as their leader, despite the fact that the person accepted the warning for bribery or more famously referred to as politik wang. (money politics?)

Hear, hear my site visitors.

UMNO and UMNO Youth organisations are under the main political party in the country and all 5 of Malaysian Prime Ministers are from UMNO. Recently, elections have taken place to choose the leaders for these organisations.

In the middle of the process, some effort was in place to identify the candidates who are involved in bribing the voters. One of the candidates to compete for the UMNO vice president post was denied due to this money-politic activity.
And as for one of the candidates for UMNO youth president, who is our current Prime Minister's son in law, (strangely) he was only issued a warning instead. This candidate accepted the warning, thus accepted his guilty accusation and proceeded with the election. And oh, who knew (duh), after 6 hours of counting and recounting the total of 790 votes, this candidate won the presidential seat for the UMNO Youth post. I remember the general election did not take up until 6 hours to count thousands and thousands of votes. I smell dead fish. Foul play. Oh no, not only me.

At the workplace's library :
40-something Chinese colleague 1 : So, UMNO election, whom you agree with?
Me : I know I hate the elected leader for the youth wing.
40-something Chinese colleague 1 : I stayed up watching the result on tv last night. They took so long to count. At first, this guy (Mukhriz) was leading, then recount, the other guy won!
Me : Wow. Mukhriz dropped from no 1 spot to the last spot (3rd) after 6 hours of counting and recounting.
40-something Chinese colleague 1 : Ya la. Kotoq la these people. (These people are dirty)

Then I told a 30 year old Chinese colleague about the conversation...

Chinese colleague 2 : Hai-yoh why do you have to come and talk to me about this? Spoil my mood. I tell you, I am so devastated after hearing that he won on the radio this morning (on the way to work.)

Me thinking :
oh my...even the chinese don't like this guy. What will happen in future election? I need not to post my malay friends' reaction on this. No matter what, to hell with Kelantan or Pahang UMNO youth wings. The real election is from Malaysian youths, Chinese and Malays alike. And Malaysian youths hate your leader's face to our stomachs.

Hear, hear my site visitors.

The members of the Malaysian youth leader organisation have elected Khairy Jamaluddin who practised bribery openly as reported in all local newspapers and warning letter issued, as their leader.

Appaling. Disgusting. Revolt. Sickening. Repugnant.

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