Friday, July 24, 2009

dalam bahasa yang mudah untuk difahami...

yang baik itu datangnya daripada Allah
yang buruk datang daripada kelemahan saya sendiri (sdn bhd is what i would use referring to this)

one of the famous quotes that we often heard.

now, looking from a-nother point of view, gemuk tu sdn bhd. rambut kerinting tak terurus tu sdn bhd. kurus sgt tu sdn bhd (ya, ya...special cases applicable). yang badan busuk tu pun sdn bhd. yang besaq kepala (degil) tu pun sdn bhd. yang pendek fikiran or sekolah hujung tu pun sdb bhd. yang drive atas jln mcm orang bodoh tu pun sdn bhd.

I believe, all of us can differentiate these qualities.

tapi, yang tinggi, yang pendek, yang sepet, yang kepala besaq (bukan besaq kepala), yang tak boleh ubah tu, come from God.

i can accept if people make fun of my stupidity, because it is just me being goofy or bimbo. or if my breasts are too big or too small coz i know there are natural ways in term of excercises to change them. or my fat fingers. or my small but fat feet. or if i had bulu kening yang bercantum coz i think it is a must to 'merapikan' bulu kening yang bercantum tu. i can still accept if people say my teeth are unpretty or uneven because i can or should have definitely gotten a treatment, and i definitely have to accept if people make fun of my body odour. in fact i can make fun of my taste for big/fat and/or short gadgets...though it resembles a lot of me to other people, but my defense is it feels good to hold a big-short enough items in my fat fingers.

but making fun of God's creation is simply not fair. small eyes, narrow eyes, chinese eyes, flat chests, DD cups, i (hope i) hardly made fun of. yea, i came up with the size-9 joke, i silently regretted it and i have not came up with any elaborated jokes on that. in fact, that size-9 is not for display.

i could have made fun of the beautiful things of God's creation on other people as well. i tend to get carried away too sometimes.

oh heck. God is fair. Some may have nice high pointed nose but they may be covered in hard core freckles like the caucasians or they may hold funny/ugly language/accent or make nasal sounds. The one who always made fun of my height since i was very young may have a good body but tarnished with her rusty insides. I may be short but i have my assets. You may be taller than me and that is your asset but..

ah, suxx dan membosankan.

Tsk, sad thing is, I too may have enjoyed making fun of God's creation. Gotta becareful with that.

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