Friday, July 31, 2009

God is fair....

The Chinese (China-ese) can't pronounce Ryan Giggs properly...(giggle...giggle...) they called him, "Lion Gigger" ....


That gave a really different meaning. I can't think or imagine what other words would be..shees...mainly because i don't speak their language.


When I say God is being fair, I meant, China is fast becoming an economic giant in today's world. Around 5 or 6 years back, many multinational companies (MNC) shift their investments in Malaysia and moved to China, where, as we know the labour costs is cheaper and with proper quality control, they'd produce the same quality as they do in Malaysia.

A few years after than, even the Chinese starts investing out of their simple word, it means, they are rich, have done enough investment in their own country, and ready to venture out. If I am not mistaken, we borrowed money from them Chinese for either the Penang Bridge expansion or the second bridge. Correct me if I'm wrong.

However, considering Singapore's labour costs is as high as many 1st world countries, Malaysia is still the destination of choice for foreign companies investments over China, due to the fact that English is our second language. Unlike the China-ese, we pronounce, Ryan Giggs, as it is. Phew. Imagined if there is no communication barrier between the China-ese and foreign investors. What will be left of us? God is fair.

Now that we are seeing it that way, isn't it ironic that we are controversially 'moving backward' by teaching those crucial subjects, Science stream subjects and Mathematics in Bahasa instead of English?

Seriously, my parents were educated in an English medium schools back in the 60s, not only that I am thankful for that as we were introduced to this language at an early age, but it is also about self empowerment of having to master more than one language. In fact, if you asked me, I think every student should learn Tamil and Mandarin in schools. Seriously, why not?

And as a matter of fact, my parents and my family are more malay than those who make such a big fuss about teaching these subjects in English. We know our history, we speak malay, we eat with our hands, we have tea with banana/jackfruit/potatoe fritters but no such thing as hi-tea with cakes and puffs and we can definitely curse in malay.

Bahasa Malaysia is a Bahasa Kebangsaan, we have made it compulsory to further our studies in higher education by passing with highest marks in written and oral exams. But speaking of moving forward, English is the worldwide communication language, where books, reference items, conventions are made widely available in this language. We want to move forward!

Or...there is a 'conspiracy' to make certain people rich by granting these certain people with the translation or printing rights of text books and reference materials into Bahasa?

Hm, one may never know.

I have heard of a story of a certain individual who were granted the rights to import and distribute african coffee beans to the local market and made a fortune out of it. Of course he could if he were the only or among a few individuals with the 'AP' certificates.


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