Friday, July 24, 2009

I have never made fun of other people's physical to make me feel good about my own physical in comparison. With reference to those physical attributes packaged on your body from God, those that you are not able to change.

I have never kutuk mata sapa2 sepet with comparison to mine yg bulat and cantek ka.
I have never never kutuk chests sapa2 yang flat with comparison to mine as the ultimate size ka.
I have never duduk saja2 and kutuk sapa2 bodoh and i lagi pandai. I kutuk men pun based on what they do. I don't kutuk good men and there are good men around me.

Then, I just don't understand why there are people who would make fun and compare of other people being in the shorter group with them being tall and i assume, the message they are trying to give is, being taller is not as pathetic as being as short as these shorties or else, what's with the group pendek vs group tinggi kan. Well, i came up with group 20's vs group 30's ok!! I never came up with group SPM 6 aggregates vs SPM 60 aggregates. Get my point ?!

This is a very immature high school low class joke. Uncalled for. Uncalled for!

If the rest of the shorties would take it as a joke, well I don't !!

You do not make fun of other people's physical and then puji2 hampa punya group bertuah tak jadi mcm those people.

This is moral values we are talking about.

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