Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's very challenging. How can you be sure that you raised your kids right enough for him to not suddenly turn up gay when he grows up?

Pray, pray hard, sincere surrender. tawakal.

Though not so often but it is not abnormal either for us to sometime wonder what went wrong when something goes (horribly/totally) wrong or not the way we intended it to be. And, to stress on the 'though not so often' situation, it is just that these what-went-wrong things usually happen when we least expect them to be and on the things that would affect us the most.

Darn it ain't it.

- in response to the continous ads for bloggerboi siries on tv depicting and annoying gay boy with annoying slang which made him annoying in the first place. Ugh! So annoying! and the lead character's, i assume the leading character, bloggerboi, his hair...oh god...fuGGly!

gayboy : kenapa chekgu taknak org tahu yg chekgu yg lukis semua cartoon ni?? (sampai kepala terteleng2)
bloggerboy -->> muka kelat + ketat..
gayboy : it's ok chekgu..ur secret is safe with me...(terteleng2 lagi..)

*script courtesy of kucinbelemoih

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