Thursday, July 30, 2009

World of sports that i care about 2009

A lot going on, i have to write something for me to remember in the future..I have been flipping the sports section more than the front many others, i am sick with the political scene and dramas in the country. Sporting events make more sense.

F1 scene :

1. Ferrari - Driver Filipe Massa(1st runner up 2008 champion behind Lewis Hamilton) was injured. details. The funny thing is, they have to call back on Michael Schumacher to replace him. The former champion retired in 2006. Tho I've never seen this before but I'm kinda excited. haha

2. Honda - no more in 2009 race. They pull out of the racing scene due to the economic recession. The manager, Ross Brawn baught the team and rename it to Brawn GP. Honda former main driver now Brawn's, Jenson Button, I don't know, somehow, the situation struck something in him and he went on to win 6 championship races out of 10 races so far this year, looks like he was playing the fool during the previous years championships.

3. News as of today...BWM is pulling out of the race after the 2009 season is over...and rumour is saying that the next team will be TOYOTA...

Tennis :

1. Wimbledon final !! Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick...what an epic..God, the anticipation was killing me. They played up to the maximum sets of tennis, and Fed could not, and i mean, just could not break Rod's servis. And when he finally did, he won it at a record of the longest set ever for men's championship, 16-14. The tournament marked his WTA spot back to no1, passing Nadal and most of all, his 15th grand slam win, passing the 14 grand slam titles mark he just shared with Pete Sampras after the French open 2009. Yesterday NST, Pete was saying, he thought he had set a record whom he thought he would never see anyone breaking, but alas, records are made to be broken. It did 7 yrs after that. There's still another grand slam to come, US Open.

2. Nadal was injured, excluded himself from the French and Wimbledon Opens. Expected to return for US Open, Aug 31st-Sept 13th.

3. Tho winning 2 grand slams this 2009 season (Aus and Wimbledon), Serena Williams still is not able to grab the WTA no 1 spot from Dinara Safina, who still is the no 1 without winning any grand slams so far. I find this weird. I am intrigued with their judgement. In fact, Serena is too.


where can i begin...

1. Man U lost to Barcelona in my they-played-like-a-bunch-of-monkeys thread.

2. Christiano Ronaldo moved from Man U to Real Madrid with a world record transfer of 80mil pound..crazy people. He is a Nike ambassador but Real is endorsed with Adidas. That should be interesting. Man U did not 'buy' anyone significant but 'hired' Owen who was clubless after the end of last season. Manchester City is on a spending spree...Liverpool, Chealsea and Arsenal are saying that without Ronaldo, they now have a definite chance at the premier league...(he is that good...)

I am definitely anticipating the new season in August.

I would love to follow NBAs but it's on weekday mornings...12hours different from here to New York dats why.

Any other sporting events worth to follow?

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