Monday, August 10, 2009

apparently, every woman around me is having a period cycle issue...some are earlier by 2 weeks... and some earlier by 1 week or by a few days...and others face an on-off cycle...

all of us, when talking to each other, have been could this possibly be...what could have possibly trigger this..on many of us at the same time...but when think of it, we can't recall any emotional stress or pressure at the's been quite puzzling...tho still, we don't usually pressure ourselves about may make it worse..

and then, suddenly, today, about 10minutes ago, it occurred to me that all of us are currently having the same period at the moment, and it all became clear to me that, the women are having the same condition, that is highly likely have triggered some stress in some kind of way even without us realizing it..

and that is..i think the women would agree that the period cycle going haywire situation we are all currently facing at the same time as of now is a symptom of the pressure to ganti puasa last minute before the actual bulan puasa...



and it all make sense now...

silently, i really hope this is the case...and things will be much better during the bulan puasa itself..

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