Saturday, August 08, 2009

I have heard many people, be it men or even women, be it the majority or those who just appeared to be pious, said that,

"Perempuan takkan boleh berdiri sama tinggi dengan lelaki. Darjat lelaki lebih tinggi dari wanita."

How it annoy me so much with some of these women who can't wait to submit themselves to their men. Surrender their mind and soul. Suddenly their life, their mind, their soul are defined by having their men, without which, they feel incomplete. Forgotten they have, that

The prophet Muhammad pbuh was sent to raise the status of women. Men and women are made in justice, with respect of each other's status in Islam. The difference between the two is their responsibilities.

But then again, speaking of darjat can be quite controversial. But much ado about darjat amongst us humans, might as well we spent the time arguing on improving our darjat in God's eyes instead. Just do what must and should be done and as God has promised, you should be fine. What is there to achieve when we hail our men too high when all of us are sinned slaves of God actually. Lain la kalau laki hang disebut as bersifat maksum oleh Tuhan kan.

Respect each other's responsibilities and most of all, appreciate them.

Harmony, people...harmony.

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