Thursday, August 20, 2009

much ado about racism

Much ado about racism, keris, alcoholic drinks etc...

I have something to say that is a total opposite of the current issue.

I once had a malay supervisor who stabbed me on my back and a change to a Chinese supervisor after that recognized me professionally and pushed me for promotion.

And worse, tho' not many got thru to my skin, I have had been on the receiving end of some hurtful words being uttered by my fellow malays.

I knew a malay who was ready to apologize to another non-malay over something that is unnecessary because she is right (thus innocent) and the non-malay is just making a big fuss and gossips, probably because she was too embarassed after being caught of doing something 'wrong'...but, when the malay uttered some hurtful words to another malay, don't even bother to 'ready to apologize'. period.

I also once knew a malay who enjoyed calling other malays names based on their physicals just for his amusement, even at public eating places where he happened to hang around with his friends and anyone of us happened to pass by.
'Doraemon, 'kengkang' or 'panjang' are not the kind of names I would appreciate being called upon. And having been on the receiving end of these names calling, it is fair that I do not indulge on seeking amusement on other people's conditions as well as I knew that this, annoying and can be hurtful.

I also know that there is a malay who sold another malay to a group of non-malays over a blog thread which contains a statement that goes something like this, "....bising dengan bahasa urdu depa..." with the sole, sincere intention of creating a racial riffs between my fellow malay and the non-malays (what else??).
If the non-malays are smart, they should have realized that the bast*** is the person who forwarded the blog thread to be printed by them non-malays. This bast*** is the one who should be exposed to all. The bast*** is the one who should be dunk in the toilet. I hope that this she-bast*** is reading this. Don't ever once think that we don't know who you are.

Urdu is a very popular language of the subcontinent , second only in the number of speakers to Hindi.

I have been warned and told of stories of how ugly a workplace can be amongst the different races living under one roof, one management. However, the riffs are often clearer within the one race itself. Oh, people annoying...!

Anyways, with respect to the issues on the newspaper, here's,

an interesting view on racism.

Everyone of us is somewhat a racist.

Everyone of us have got to embrace this...jangan malu-malu in fact..

I agree with writer, I don't hate or curse you because of the colour of your skin. Is it usually because of your actions.
I have no issues sitting together for meals, carpooling, sitting side by side, with other races. I have so far, never justified any injustice put upon me by the management of where i'm working at by the colour of my bosses' skin.
I believe in trying our best to put - not taking relationships for granted and respect - in place of our actions. Do not take respect for granted just because I am another malay just like you or because we are friends or because we are family.

Karma itu wujud, becareful.

With that, I would like to take this mood, also with the arrival of our special month, Ramadhan, to seek apology on my actions and words especially that might have hurt or scratched anyone involved, my words above and in some threads in this blog may also be a reflection of my own actions.

It's the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." It is the ultimate norm of high morality in our culture. Sure there are other morals by which we live, but this one phrase embodies our most cherished value: that we should treat people as we would like to be treated.

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