Wednesday, August 26, 2009

(nota kefahaman: iaitu yg lebih bawah lebih panas..)

I love it when it rains. I love it too much, "i don't want to close my eyes, i don't wanna fall asleep coz i miss you babe and i don't wanna miss a thing..."..meaning, tho i could easily fall asleep in the cool weather of the rain...i usually would not.

because, most the is so darn hot here in this country...well, maybe not in some parts of the country..let's say..cameron and genting highlands, fraser's hill or at least Taiping..the wet-est place in M'sia. Well, the place where I'm staying and some 200km radius around it is confirmed hot.

I go out for lunch, every-day. it is my socializing session and the highlight of the day and we would walk under the scorching hot sun, most of the time with an umbrella above our head, climbing the bloody hill up to our office. it would be a near-cramp situation inside the elevator and it is so darn uncomfortable.

sweaty shirts and that uncomfortable feeling of the heat of the sweat escaping the pores thru the threads of our dampen shirts and jeans...suddenly the materials seem to be too thick and you'd feel like taking it all off and just sit on the floor under a blasting fan. That would be as devastating as wishing and hoping for something so near yet so far a way...especially when the image of your bedroom is just a 5 minutes drive very tempting.

So i would usually dream of something else instead, just to take the edge of the utmost discomfort of the process of the after effect of walking under the scorching hot sun for 10 minutes...something so far fetched so i wouldn't be too frustrated at not being able to reach for it.

so each time i walked thru the scan-in turnstile, i have always hoped to have some kind special ability to transfer the 70% of the heat of my body thru my pores onto the cold metal turnstile and in return absorb the cool charges off the metal (imagine the transfer flow of the -ve and +ve ions at the interaction of two objects).

and secondly, i'd imagine a closed chamber of cooling gas of nitrogen or CO2 or whatever gasses that are feeding the air conditions with cool air stronger and windy-er than the office temperature, that would be activated as soon as i stepped my feet inside it. it would definitely send down the chill from the based of my hair follicles down thru every tiny pores under my feet. What a bliss.

(They say the best inventions are derived from needs...which are derived from problems...)

And soon, we will always notice some new spots of pigmentation and uneven skin surface on our faces...and we'd buy some expensive skin products to make them go away.

While in other parts of the planet, people die of heat waves.


"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahari Ku." hadis Qudsi. Referring to a received mail :

Ketika Allah menjadikan Jahannam, maka dinyalakan selama seribu tahun, sehingga merah, kemudian dilanjutkan seribu tahun sehingga putih, kemudian seribu tahun sehingga hitam, maka ia hitam gelap, tidak pernah padam nyala dan baranya. Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan terbuka sebesar lubang jarum nescaya akan dapat membakar penduduk dunia semuanya kerana panasnya.
Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan satu baju ahli neraka itu digantung di antara langit dan bumi nescaya akan mati penduduk bumi kerana panas dan basinya.

Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan satu pergelangan dari rantai yg disebut dalam Al-Quran itu diletakkan di atas bukit, nescaya akan cair sampai ke bawah
bumi yg ke tujuh.

Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan seorang di hujung barat tersiksa, nescaya akan terbakar orang-orang yang di hujung timur kerana sangat panasnya, Jahannam itu sangat dalam dan perhiasannya besi dan minumannya air panas campur nanah dan pakaiannya potongan-potongan api.

Api neraka itu ada tujuh pintu, tiap-tiap pintu ada bahagiannya yang tertentu dari orang laki-laki dan perempuan. Pintu yang selalu terbuka, setengahnya di bawah dari lainnya, dari pintu ke pintu jarak perjalanan 70,000 tahun, tiap pintu lebih panas dari yang lain 70 kali ganda.' (nota kefahaman: iaitu yg lebih bawah lebih panas)

Di dalamnya pintu ke7, paling bawah, orang-orang yg berdosa besar dari ummat Muhammad yg sampai mati belum sempat bertaubat.

"Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahari Ku."

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