Sunday, August 02, 2009

What makes a good action movie - I think

Or rather, my idea of a good action movie..

It has to have its unique significant action scene.

eg :

1. Fox character scooping Mr Tumnus in her sports car in Wanted.
2. Fox's 90deg body bending at waist level with her "ahh..!" on the car chasing and train ride flicks.
3. Trinity's 'jumping kick'. Oh yeah. Damn kewl.
4. Neo's bullet dodge body bending.

I do not enjoy Die Hard and Terminator in particular. There is too much guns pumping and explosions with no significant scene worth remembrance.

The helicopter scene was kewl in the Transformers 1. Everyone remembers the bad cop car. Too kool. Too kool.
And Optimus vs one of the bad guys on the high way, transforming and 'flying' slo-mo...too damn kool..too damn kool...
The Sam on top of the building scene...Megatron was kool..

and then there's the Transformers 2..
I'd remember the bad-cat Decepticon..
and Optimus transforming in the hangar..but still a bit to fast to give that effect..
and sounds...i mean i love and enjoy the movie and all but i can't effectively recall other scenes. Someone to refresh me would be helpful.

Yea, the fighting scene in the forest was good but i can't help but notice that 'kool' effect was just not there...
And the scene in the dessert...tsk..the movies gets you tired due to the actions and anticipation, but at the end of it, i couldn't help to feel like something is missing...that kick, that umph..i guess lacks the kool factor..

It's called Transformers so, I was expecting more dramatic transformation scene..even during fighting (or especially during fighting) would be something unique..something significant worth remembrance. That would be the something kool that I'd fluently recall at any moment...

p/s : 1 . harry potter 6 is too simple...I'm dissatisfied..I'm reading the book now..
2. G.I Joe coming soon - can't wait !

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