Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Respect is the Key

I found an interesting article in Jusco's Pearl magazine. It's one of the pointers that struck a thought in my mind.

There is a saying that goes, "It takes a good friend to share your sorrows but a greater friend to share your happiness."

It may sound ridiculous, but some folks just can't be happy at their friend's successes. Some friends are only there for each other when they share the same plight(hardship) and instead of feeling genuinely happy for their friend when they find success, they feel bitterness and jealousy.

Don't be someone that's only in for complaining about life. When your friend hits it big - celebrate with them. When they are interviewing for a new job - root for them. When they want to find new love - be gracious and supportive when they find it.

Now, where do you stand with your friends?

There is nothing better in the world than having people who support and care about you. Go out of your way to show your support for your friend.

Don't visit me when I'm sick. Don't even visit me on calamity events. I will come to you. I know I have plenty of friends who would listen to me. In fact, from the article above, I now know that I can even seek sympathy from anyone even those who hold grudges on me. Don't come to me then.

But be there when I am happy. Celebrate with me when I succeed at something. Remind me of the good things I could have done if I won some prize money. Because good things are best shared. Don't give me a cold shoulder when I succeed at something. Don't envy me if (you/other people find) I'm smart, witty or intelligent. Don't hold grudges over my few abilities and hit me with low remarks and pass it as a joke. We all believe in Qada' and Qadar. Something that looks good on me may not be for you. I twist and turn in restless sleeps because my brain won't give it a rest but a 6-hour sleep is already good for you. Good things are tests from God. Will we use the gifts from God on the good path?

Don't envy me if (you find) I'm smart, witty or intelligent. I'm not asking anyone to keep up with me. Like you, I do see other people as smarter than me, and like you, I don't usually label myself as one and there are those who don't see me as smart as you thought I was. Don't hold your grudge if I won an argument. It usually is never an argument and it is always about finding the truth. Don't hit it on me if you think I'm right. And especially, don't hit it on me if you're frustrated with your life. In fact, try not to hit on anyone at all.

Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.

I love Jusco's Pearl magazine. Worth a read. And it's free.

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