Friday, October 23, 2009


comey gila.

kalau aku bela sekoq dua nie, confirm extremists akan chop aku paling glamer witch or paling teruk bela hantu. (padahal aku bela burung hantu)

ada ka patut, ciptaan tuhan mcm nie...pantas ja certain people link to hantu setan iblis.

when i was younger, 1,2 year old when my dad was on training on the job, i lived alone with my mom. there was also a family of owls in the ceiling and they were within view. mom used to lift me to watch them owl family, and they were staring back at us. i can imagine words like, "there's daddy owl, mommy owl and baby owls.." hehe...and then many many years later, i found myself neatly imitating the 'owl dancing' in one situation* that got me wondered to myself, "where did/could have i learn(ed) that".. until dearest mommy reminded me of my 'bird watching' activity back when i was 1 or 2. phews. takut ada kenan owl pulak :p (ntah ntah comey plak kan)

NO, the owl dancing is not the part where it turned it's head 360 degrees nor when it swallowed a whole mice and vomited the fur+bones balls a few hours later. And these acts are the facts of owls that I revealed to my youngest sister when she was 11 or 12 i can't really recall, she was finding it hard to believe, thinking i was bluffing as michievous as i always am, although i was having my brother as my ally, she immediately googled, and voila, was it an amusing fact indeed. I was quite surprised that not many people know this. Maybe having owls as such a taboo fact makes us ignore these amusing God's creation (created for us to woo His powers), same goes with black cats, darn it my black persians were very gorgeous with thick shiny hair and bright yellow eyes, exquisitely well built! And i've had two promotions at work while with them.

So people, kurafat, is kurafat. Tolong jangan sanjung benda2 mengarut mcm nie. Tuhan cipta benda2 sekeliling kita so kita perhati, amuse with kuasa Tuhan and melahirkan rasa rendah diri, bukan cipta and spread kepercayaan khurafat. Bad things come from devil and devilish people. May God forbid.

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