Monday, October 05, 2009

what did i say about them again?


Indonesia's "unlucky" president blamed for quake - just google this line and you'll find the results.

SUPERSTITIOUS Indonesians are blaming their 'unlucky' president - not shifting tectonic plates - for the latest fatal earthquakes in the disaster-prone country.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono - popularly known by his initials SBY - has long been burdened by murmurs that he carries with him the shadow of cosmic misfortune.
A string of natural and man-made disasters since his election in 2004 - including the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 220,000 across Asia - has seen quips that SBY stands for 'Selalu Bencana Ya', roughly meaning 'Always A Disaster'.

Macam la the person boleh control bencana alam? Helo, nama pun bencana alam. Or in other words, the wrath of God. Tuhan marah. Dengan sapa? Dengan hampa/kita lah.

Nama saja negara org islam paling ramai di dunia. Nama saja agama islam agama rasmi. Pemikiran macam christianity. President hampa tu bukannya jesus (kononnya) menanggung dosa hampa semua. Kalau bencana alam = tuhan marah, meaning tuhan marah dekat semua orang. Bukan sekoq dua saja.

Many occurrence in the Quran, something like this - if we travel the earth, we will learn on the evidence of civilizations more powerful that anything that ever existed being torn down for defying Allah's Godliness. When will we ever learn?

It may sound a bit soothing to say and thank God that malaysia, tho' surrounded with the areas/countries/lands of the Rings of Fire, it is not touched by the ring at all. but does that give us a green light to live in sin, as reported continuously in local celebrity blogs? Will we really be excluded at all?

I have read before that before Islam jatuh, there will be a time where Islam will be at its peak, with strong leaders and centre of the world. I have prayed to be in this moment, but then we learned that the time could already be in the 16th century. And given the moral decadence nowadays, it could be true.

The judgement day, it is sooner that you think.
And this statement was sent down in the Quran some 1430 years ago.

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