Friday, December 25, 2009

When God wanted to create men, he told Jibrail to get some dirt from the earth. Earth refused to give any, saying, men would only cause terrible things (on earth).

How did earth come to know about how terrible men (humans) would become? Was there actually anything like the situation of the Tolkien's middle earth then? The society consisted of men, dwarves, elves, halflings at war with the orcs and uruk hai. Or did they manage to reach to the peak of civilizations like those potrayed in Star Wars and Star Trek? A technology so advanced, that the wars were extended to the middle of stars, planets and galaxies. And there would always be wars and destruction nonetheless.

Were there any prophets sent to them? Have they been thru their own apocalyse? Have they gone thru their judgement day? Could there really be a civilization of men that had caused such a devastating destruction on earth, as claimed by mother-earth herself, when she denied Jibrail's access to her soil on God's order? I really wonder. The galaxy is too big for us to be alone and Allah is too powerful beyond our imagination, indeed. God almighty.

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