Tuesday, March 09, 2010

much ado about the word Allah

I have been reserving my thoughts on this issue. It is sensitive but as a devout muslim, it is really obvious to see that the purpose to suddenly use the word, Allah, in their religious business after hundreds of years seem to be fishy. Muslims can't help but noticed that it is with the purpose of misleading the existing muslims, in their many efforts to weakened Islam.

Again, as a devout muslim, after considering the statement above, I am truly against this usage.

However, understanding the christian's konsep ketuhanan, they believe in the trinity concept, the father, the son and the holy spirit. For muslims on the other hand, the One God-Allah, one of the prophets - Isa/Jesus, and the angel-Jibril/Gabriel. This is where Islam and Christian contradicts each other, Allah tidak ber-anak atau di-beranak-kan.

So, correct me if I am wrong, for Christians, the father means, Allah? If yes, then we can't blame them if they want to use the word, Allah. After all, the religion of Islam teaches that the prophets that were sent by Allah to the Yahudi/Judaism and Nasrani/Christian, same as Muhammad, menyuruh kaum mereka menyembah hanya Allah. And with the coming of Islam, the jews and nasrani are told to abide by the teachings of Islam and follow Muhammad as their prophet. Which they declined, thus, masuklah mereka ke dalam golongan yang ingkar.

It is not surprising if these three religions use the word, Allah as the name of their God.

But going back to the matter of the issue with Christians insisting and requesting the rights in using the word, Allah in their 'business', my two cents is, kenapa muslims ghaplah? We know,say,spread, Jesus/Isa, as a nothing more than a prophet, he is not the son of the father/God. Question is, if we are strong enough, we can 'mislead' weak Christians or those with the basic of Christianity but do not believe in God when they grow up. Other devout Christians would be furious saying we are downgrading their trinity concept by relating the status of Jesus/Isa in Islam.

And now, it seems like the Christians are using the same concept, relating the word, Allah as their God-father (if my understanding in the above mentioned condition is correct) to mislead the muslim weaklings, those in general, who hardly perform their 5x prayers in a day, and kita ghaplah?

If we are strong enough, if we strengthen the teaching of Islam from home, in school, in our daily lives, among ourselves, would we be intimidated, jumpy?
If we are as unified as the Christian society. But look at us, look at our politicians, look at the rich middle east countries, look at our children. Macam mana kita tak cepat melompat and rasa terancam kan? Yang sedia lemah semakin lemah.

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