Friday, April 08, 2011

Ode to Farah's savvy

Was recently in Genting, just to have the feeling of spending rm48/nite for a Deluxe room with 2 breakfasts in First World Resort ;)

It was my first time driving up to the hill and the first time also for my housemate's savvy. Something i have to say about the car, the performance is outstanding. Forget about the common minor glitches in Proton cars and the various major scheduled maintenance of the savvy in particular, I drove from Kulim to KL, rest for one night and then up to Genting the next day and down straight to Kulim the very next, seriously, I don't have to think about vibrations and instability, this car is really sturdy for a car in its class. OK, to be fair, I've only driven a kancil from Kulim to Ipoh for comparison with Perodua, where at 100km/h mmg ringan lagi melayang serious tak berani exceed 100km/h. But this car, tak berat, tapi sturdy. I don't drive that slow, but safety and comfort are No.1. By all means, my co-driver is reminded to at any time let me know whenever she felt unsafe with my driving. Very good grip at the turnings. (And No, don't ask me that, i've never tested the absorber absorption power with that one aktiviti tak senonoh).

About the route to Genting, we almost had a collision at the last sharp turn where this white honda/toyota (not sure, other than the headlights, it was pitch dark). As I said, it was pitch black but our headlights, and physics 101 lights travel in a straight line, so at a sharp 85 degree bend, it takes about half a second to steer your car in the direction of the bend than the usual negligible time if you could see head on in a proper lighting condition (say...daylight!). And this other car, the driver should be experienced with the route, took over ours at that very sharp bend and while it took us half a second to steer left, it already did. So we almost collided. It gave both cars quite a shock and then it just drove ahead all the way. While our car, being a sturdy one on taking over corners and sharp bends+collision possible moment, we avoided a panic situation and it was confidence all the way.

Anyways, last but not least, this car is for sale, Farah is looking for a bigger car with a bigger boot size for her shoes. Leave a comment if you're interested..

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