Friday, November 23, 2012

Our salvation

With the war going on in Palestine. With the quality of the children formulated milk producing parenting challenged children. With the raise of standards of living. With the reduced level of morals. With the increase hereditary health issues. With the impending end of days. I often question myself, why bother bringing in children into this world. Let them stay there as innocent souls in heaven. Why expose them to sins and diseases. Can't you see that you are being selfish??

Then I came across this video today :

The children are our salvation.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A very sad looking makcik with a 3 yr old boy wearing no underpants, sitting on a bench in a street in penang at 2am in d morning. What r they doing there. Whom r they waiting for. They couldnt afford a pair of pants whatsoever for d boy have they even eaten anything at all?? And there i was paying hundreds for a concert. Eating a piece of bread n expensive coffee in a restaurant.

A cat sprawling in hard laboured breaths after being mauled by a pack of stray dogs.

Dear God, my faith is tested today. Over and over. I am angry. I am way beyond sadened. Give me strength. Give me courage.